About The Artist

Bright and happy paintings showing his interesting perspectives of his surroundings have helped make Amos Hummell one of this area’s favorite artists.

A self-taught artist, Hummell uses vibrant colors and bold compositions to capture the joy and beauty of the Lowcountry.

A series of Lowcountry life depictions continued in 2001, when he opened a small but vibrant studio in Old Town Bluffton. After a decade of painting oystermen and shrimpers, he discovered a rare magic painting life beneath the water’s surface.
“Missing Poissons,” an enduring series of sparkling, bright-eyed fish, has taken center stage over the past several years. Each piece is singularly unique, with layers upon layers of color and texture, and impossible to re-create. Hummell points out that a viewer’s eyes “literally swim around with the fish, as new images float in and out of view.”

The work is bright and happy, fun and funky, with a semitropical color palette to reflect the coastal area where Amos has lived since 1980. The zany and sometimes downright weird characters who show up in his pieces are often reincarnations of real people who have crossed his path.


Photos by Jimbeau Taylor of Living Colors Street Theatre of the Absurd http://www.pbase.com/jimbeau/living_colors